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お茶の体験ミュージアム、「お茶のいろは by Namacha」に行ってきました / “Ocha no Iroha by Namacha” museum

原宿に期間限定(2018年5月中旬まで)でオープンしている生茶によるお茶の体験ミュージアム、「お茶のいろは by Namacha」に行ってきました。

I went to “Ocha no Iroha by Namacha”, an experienced museum of tea by Namacha opened in Harajuku for a limited time (until mid May 2018).


The entrance is on the right side of the building. I heard the staff, “It will take 40 to 50 minutes to turn all around because it will be an experience type exhibit.”
I approved and waited outside for about 10 minutes until my turn came and then I got inside.


Note) Includes the following article, the spoiler element of the experience contents.



Building is two stories, first from the first floor.



First of all, I did something like tasting.
Drink green tea brewed in the left and right two cups and compare.


The tea on the left was astringent, the tea on the right was sweet, and the taste was quite different.
According to the tea teacher, these two, both using the same tea leaves. So, how can we make such a difference in taste? It was to experience it at this museum.
Then I moved to the second floor.



The second floor was an exhibition corner to deepen knowledge about tea.

新茶の時期を図示したマップ / Map showing time of new tea
茶畑の模型 / Model of tea plantation

茶畑の環境を伝えるインフォグラフィックス / Infographics telling environment of tea plantation


Every exhibition was a very clear infographic with the elements I can move and experience by myself.

茶葉の加工工程を疑似体験できるインフォグラフィックス / Infographics which can simulate the processing process of tea leaves

下部にあるハンドルを回すと、モニターがアニメーションする / Turn the handle at the bottom, the monitor will animate
ボトルに入っている茶葉の色と香りを体験できる / We can experience the color and aroma of the tea leaves in the bottle

お茶の先生による、茶葉の種類の紹介 / Introduction of kind of tea leaves by tea teacher


After experiencing the exhibition on the second floor, I will return to the first floor again.



Returning to the first floor, you will experience the beginning, “The secret of changing the taste with the same tea leaves” at the beginning.

4人1組で1人の先生につきます / One pair of 4 people attend one teacher


Put the same amount of tea leaves in the two teapots on the table.

テーブルに置かれている茶器セット / Tea set set on the table
茶葉の入った缶。オリジナルのデザイン / Can with tea leaves. Original design


Then, the same amount of hot water is poured into the left and right teapots, at that time, adjust the temperature, pour hot water to the left teapot, hot water of lukewarm to the right teapot, and change the temperature.


And when you drink and compare two tea …


The taste was distinctly different, such as the astringency of the tea at the left side being stronger and the tea on the right side being weak astringent!


The secret was in “The temperature of pouring hot water”.
The tea leaves of green tea leaves astringent as the temperature rises, and when the temperature goes down, it means sweetness comes out more than astringent.
The tea which I first drank in comparison on the first floor was that it was made with boiling water on one side and the other with watering, so that the sweetness was outstanding in the watering out.


I learned a lot.

お茶菓子は、webサイトを見ると何種類あるようなのですが、今回は「麻布昇月堂の月うさぎ」と「Maison romi-unieのレモンクッキー」でした。

Finally, I got a cup of tea and a raw tea as a souvenir.
There are many kinds of sweets when you look at a web site, but this time it was “Azabu Shogetsudo’s Tsuki Usagi” and “Maison romi-unie’s lemon cookie”.
Both of them are popular shops, so it was quite profitable just by this cake.
I ate it after returning, but, of course, it was delicious.

この日のメニュー / Menu of this day


In addition, the spatial design inside the building was nice, making it fashionable, while adopting a Japanese style taste.

このミュージアムのためにデザインされたお茶缶のフタ / Lid of tea can designed for this museum
フタは1つづつ、「いろは」の文字に合わせてデザインが異なる / The lid is designed differently according to the letters of “Iroha” one by one


It was a very interesting museum where the way we look at tea (green tea), which I usually drink casually, changes.

お茶のいろは by Namacha
東京都渋谷区神宮前6-16-23 CASE W
2017年7月21日 〜 2018年5月中旬 (予定)
[2017年7月21日~年内] 土・日・祝日営業 (年末除く) / [2018年1月以降] 日曜日営業 (予定)
入場料: 800円
Ocha no Iroha by Namacha
6-16-23 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo CASE W
July 21, 2017 - Mid May, 2018 (planned)
[July 21, 2017 - year] Saturday, Sunday, Holidays business (excluding year end) / [after January 2018] Sunday open (planned)
Admission fee: 800 yen

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