Illustratorで作成した大判ポスターを分割してプリントアウトする / Illustrator split printout


It is a method to print out by splitting a large format poster created with Illustrator.
This assumes a scene where B1 size posters are printed out using A3 printers.

1. IllustratorでB1ポスターのデータを用意

– Prepare B1 poster data with Illustrator


Prepare the artboard at B1 size (728 mm × 1030 mm) in full size and add 3 mm for sunken paddle.
Write out poster data to PDF with register mark.

2. 分割配置用のIllustratorアートボードを用意

– Illustrator artboard for division placement prepared


Create a new document and create an artboard that is slightly smaller than the printer’s maximum size.
This time it is B4 (257 mm × 364 mm) size. Since we need nine sheets to accommodate B1, we set the number of artboards to “9”.
Also set as 3 mm for paint addition, “Detailed setting” is displayed.


In the detail setting panel, set the spacing of the artboard to “-6 mm”, and “create  new document”.
This is the numerical value of “paint added value × 2” set above. By doing like this, adjacent artboards are installed without any gaps.


A combined artboard was created with nine B4 sizes.


When enlarged, you can see that the artboards are installed without gaps.

3. 分割配置用のアートボードにポスターデータを配置する

– Poster data is placed on an artboard for split placement


Place poster data with register marks written in 1. on the artwork board for split placement created in 2..


It fits nicely on nine artboards.

4. 印刷用のPDFに書き出し

– Export to PDF for printing


We will write the document for split placement with poster placed in 3. from “Save copy” to PDF for printing.


Set up register mark and bleed, and export PDF.


A B1 size poster was divided and printed out on a paper with a register mark B4.

5. プリントアウト

– Printout


Print the PDF created in 4. in full size on A3 size paper, cut it with a register mark, paste it, it is completed.

投稿者: Shu Watanabe

I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. Editing photo book and exhibitions of young photographers, handling book design and others, while teaching information design and marketing at educational institutions. The fun of the design process visualizing the stories of objects, As a medium that can convey different messages depending on how to edit I am pursuing photo book and photograph should be. 1982年東京生まれ。デザイナー、編集者。 教育機関で情報デザインやマーケティングを教えながら、若手写真家の写真集や展示の編集から、ブックデザインなどを手がける。 対象の持つストーリー性を視覚化するデザイン過程の面白さ、編集の仕方によって異なるメッセージを伝えることのできるメディアとしての写真集、写真のあり方を追究している。


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