Art book shop “flotsambooks” opens a physical store in Daitabashi!

Flotsambooks, a book shop that I always go to for photo books, art books, events, etc., has opened a physical store in Daitabashi, Tokyo, so I went there!

What is flotsambooks?

A book shop that sells photo books, art books, etc.

It carry not only new publications but also used books.

This store also carries many foreign books, including books that can only be purchased here in Japan.

All of the books on display have been selected with the sense of the owner, Mr. Kobayashi, which is very cool!

Originally, our main store was an online shop, but in 2020 he opened a physical store near Daitabashi Station in Suginami Ward, Tokyo.

flotsambooks online shop

If you live far away, please shop at this online shop.

flotsambooks | Purchase and sale of fashion/art/photo books

About physical stores

About 10 minutes walk from Daitabashi Station on the Keio Line.

It is located at the back of a shopping street called Okinawa Town, which is lined with Okinawan-style shops.


When you actually enter the store, there are a lot more books on sale than you might think from the entrance.

There were also many books and zines at reasonable prices that were easy for students to buy.

Online shopping is convenient, but you can always come across unexpected books at a physical store.

Exhibitions and events by young artists/photographers are often held here, so be sure to check them out.

Business days/hours

14:00-20:00 Closed on Wednesdays

Please be sure to check the following social media sites before visiting, as they may be closed on some days other than Wednesdays.

X: @flotsambooks



The address is 1-10-7 Izumi, Suginami-ku. The nearest station is Daitabashi Station on the Keio Line.

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