What is Sacred Geometry? I will introduce the outline and five representative shapes.

When I was thinking about an assignment for an Illustrator class, I learned that there is something called Sacred Geometry.

There are shapes ranging from simple to quite complex, but after looking at some of them, I thought the shapes were very interesting, so I wondered what sacred geometry patterns were. I would like to introduce five shapes that I feel are representative.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry expresses the order of the universe and the principles of creation through geometric shapes and patterns. These shapes have played an important role in ancient religion, philosophy, and spirituality.

Sacred geometry is represented in the form of geometric symbols and patterns. A variety of shapes are used, including circles, triangles, squares, rhombuses, and hexagons. It is built on precise proportions and geometrical arrangements, reflecting principles of balance and harmony.

These shapes have deep meanings such as the laws of the universe and nature, the flow of energy, and the cycle of life. Sacred geometry patterns are also used as a tool for spiritual practice and meditation, as well as for their visual beauty.

Visualizing shapes or using them as objects of meditation is thought to promote inner peace, insight, and expansion of consciousness.

Typical types of sacred geometric patterns

Some famous examples of sacred geometry patterns include:

1. the Flower of Life

the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is one of the most famous shapes in sacred geometry. This shape has been used in various cultures and religions since ancient times.

This shape is said to represent the creation of the universe and the origin of all things. Concentric circles symbolize unity and continuity, showing that all existence is interconnected. The Flower of Life is also interpreted as indicating energy flows and patterns.

Additionally, the Flower of Life is also used as the basis for other sacred geometry patterns and symbols. For example, by removing a portion of the Flower of Life, a shape called the Seed of Life, which represents the brightness of the star Sirius, is generated.

Because of its beautiful patterns and deep meaning, the Flower of Life is used in a variety of fields, including spiritual practice, meditation, art and design.

2. the Seed of Life


The Seed of Life consists of a pattern of six equal circles arranged around a circle.

In ancient religion, philosophy, and geometric thought, it is a symbol that represents the beginning of life and the creation of the universe.

In this shape, the first circle is the center of creation, and the six circles that follow symbolize growth and expansion.

3. the Sri Yantra


Sri Yantra plays an important role in Hindu beliefs.
This shape comes from the ancient Indian scriptures of Tantra and symbolizes the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

The Sri Yantra has a dot in the center surrounded by nine consecutive triangles and five consecutive diamonds.

This shape is used as a tool for people to pursue spiritual growth, meditation, inner harmony, abundance, and happiness.

Due to its shape and geometrical arrangement, it is not only visually beautiful, but is also believed to activate the flow of energy, bringing about positive change and inner peace.

4. the Vesica Piscis

the Vesica Piscis

Vesica pisis means “fish bladder” in Latin. This shape consists of two overlapping concentric circles.

It was used in ancient religions and mysticism, and is particularly prevalent in Christian art and symbols.
This shape represents the merging and unification of duality and symbolizes the power of creation and divine union.

At the center of the shape, two circles touch, and this area is known as the common area.
It shows the area where two different elements intersect and symbolizes the possibility of new creation and fusion.

It is also used to express the masculine and feminine principles and divine union.
Its shape may be associated with the source of life or the origin of creation.

5. the Metatron’s Cube

the Metatron’s Cube

The Metatron Cube is associated with the angel Metatron, known from Jewish and Christian legends.

It is composed of 13 equally sized spheres (or circles), and is a shape in which geometric patterns are combined with the spheres and circles, expressing the order of the universe and the principle of creation.

This shape is used to visualize energy flows and patterns and promote balance and harmony.
It is also used in spiritual practices and meditation as a tool to support inner growth, insight, and access to higher consciousness.


What did you think. There are various theories about the meaning of shapes, so if you are curious about the exact meaning, please look it up in books and literature.

When it came to actually creating it in Illustrator, I didn’t know how to draw the Sri Yantra because it uses triangles with different curves and angles, so it seemed difficult to draw.

If you see a shape that interests you, please try drawing it.



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