If you want to fit an Illustrator design onto a 16:9 Power Point slide, what should you set the Illustrator artboard size?

When creating Power Point slides with a 16:9 ratio and inserting a design/layout created in Adobe Illustrator, what size should I create the Illustrator artboard?

For web (monitor display) only

Basically, it is displayed when you select “New Document” > “Web”.

1920px ×1080 px

Select “New Document” > “Web” > “Web (Large)”

This is a 16:9 ratio.

1920px x 1080px seems to be the Full-HD standard.

When projecting using a projector, check the resolution of the projector.

When using for printing

If you create it in RGB, there is no problem if you create it as shown above, but

If you want to expand it to print data, it may be better to create the data in CMYK.

In that case

“New Document” > “Print”
Click on the tab and
For example, the size

210mm × 118.125mm

If you enter something like this, the ratio will be 16:9.

Click the “Print” tab and enter the value in the size field

The size of 210mm is the value of the short side of A4 paper, which makes it easier to get a sense of the size of the letters.
There is no problem with a 16:9 ratio, so I think it’s best to set it according to your needs.

Free download material

For reference, Illustrator artboards of “1920px × 1080px” and “210mm × 118.125mm”
The materials below are available for free download.

If you are in a hurry, please use this data.

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